Going for a walk

Sunday, 9 November 2014


I think I forget sometimes how much fun I can have just walking around. As I want to continue to explore new parts of London I decided that as I'd booked last Thursday off uni I figured that going for a walk might clear my head a bit. Plus I love the Autumn so to see some picturesque scenes and walk in the crisp air would give me some clarity. My friend Caroline and I did so much walking  that I think I can speak for both us when I say that everywhere hurt haha. I don't want to write too much as I want the pictures to do the talking, but the places we went were:
*St James' Park
*Oxford Street
*Tower of London
*London Bridge
In particular we explored the Christmas Shop near London Bridge station, it's not too early before anyone says anything. It made me so happy in their. I'm going back asap. The Tower of London at the moment is simply breath taking. It has poppies literally all around and gives the effect of them pouring out of it. It was a really humbling experience seeing it as I know it's unfortunately not there for long. It definitely leaves you remembering about all the brave people that lost their lives fighting for our countries future.
So glad I wore my pale blue coat from New Look. I'm living in it. There is a chill in the air now which I'm really enjoying. I know my mum would say there's something wrong with me as I enjoy the cold weather haha.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day! Ah, those red flowers are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing all the pics :)

  2. Beautiful pictures!! x