Christmas Tree is up.... finally!

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Bit keen in my Santa hat
Christmas tree is up, took our time hey. I've just come back from university for the Christmas break and my parents were kind enough to put the tree up but let me decorate it. I'm a big lover of decorating the house I find it so much fun. I of course have to don a Santa hat cause that's the rules (well my rule haha). Its so much fun rummaging through the box of decorations that are kept in the loft all year. We have such random hanging decorations that consist of skulls and the random decorations my friend Charlotte has bought  back from America.
I am so excited to be home it's my favourite time of the year. Trying to forget the fact I have to travel back to my uni house to go to work for a few shifts. Hoping I get to catch up with friends, head to Winter Wonderland at some point and just have a bit of chill out time.
Here's hoping.


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