Les Amies Anglaises

Friday, 10 July 2015


I love discovering new brands and when I received information about this particular label I knew I wanted to find out more. Les Amies Anglaises London specialise in creating high quality 100% silk tops with edgy twists. Describes as a “Prêt à Couture” label this unique label is perfect for city girls who want to show of their higher more experimental side. It's obvious the craftsmanship and detail that goes into each design and I think the outcomes are simply beautiful.

I've had the chance to speak to the founder of Les Amies Anglaises Oriana Abbondanza who told me some more information about the label and the inspiration behind my personal favourite design:
"I started LES AMIES ANGLAISES last year, I love vest tops and I wanted to create TOPS in beautiful silk chiffon material making a kind of Master piece for each of them, combining a so " easy to wear " piece as a top with the finesse of the Couture ( handmade, limited edition) therefore I called it a PRET A COUTURE LABEL.
The name LES AMIES ANGLAISES - THE ENGLISH FRIENDS, comes from the idea of my dual culture, Italian and French who met and " mixed" together when I moved to London".

My favourite design on the website is the Adastra which is a beautiful black sheer vest top that features heavy studding. This is the ultimate edgy top and I love the mixture of textures created. Oriana explained that the name Adastra comes from the Latin phrase Ad Astra which means to the stars. Her main inspiration was the sky's of summer nights in Rome (where she comes from) as it was full of stars. The studs represent the shining stars and reminded her of those skies she witnessed at home when walking through the iconic neighbourhood Trastevere. How cool is that!
I think the edginess of the designs for LAAL really captured my attention as they have that rock chick vibe about them, something that would naturally appeal to me. Check out the website to find out more and see which design you love the best. Les Amies Anglaises exudes couture, high quality and fun.

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