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Sunday, 19 July 2015


As I've had all the free time in the world lately I've discovered the joys of Netflix. I know what you're thinking bit late on the hype Katie. Well yeah that's pretty much the story of my life. I'm not cool enough to be up to date with anything. I've had Netflix for a little while but I've never really truly got into it. Now that has changed as I've discovered some new TV shows and some old seasons that I have loved rewatching. . I now see no better way of spending a lazy weekend/ everyday in my pyjamas, cup of green tea watching the vast amount of programmes available. This is probably due to the fact I'm in a current mood where I want to hide away from the world. Here are some of my current favourites programmes:

American Horror Story Coven
A series about witchcraft need I say any more. But in all seriousness this programme is incredible. Usually I hate any type of gore/ horror ask my mates I am such a wimp. But for some reason I can't get enough of American Horror Story. The acting is amazing, the effects and make up are incredible and the costumes are on point. With this season in particular I love how the witches have been styled I'm about half way through now and there's just so many twists and turns. My question is who is the next supreme??

Pretty Little Liars
I love a girly, teenage series so this is perfect for me, god knows why I waited so long to start watching it. It kind of reminds me of Gossip Girl which I can safely say is up there as one of my favourites TV series of all time (yep watched that only recently as well).  I have a long way to go as I am only on series 1 still (how many episodes are in one series?!?). I'm not great at watching TV shows regularly so it takes me a while to get through them. I love Aria I think she is my favourite, but I feel like I can relate to Hannah the most as a character. I know my friends would say I'm like Emily though aha.

Friday Night Dinner
I love this programme, it's just so easy to watch. The title literally explains it. It's about a family of four where the two sons go back to their parents house every Friday night for dinner genius right. The humour is just amazing as I feel like I can relate both of the parent characters to my parents. From stuff as simple as the dad is always shirtless as he's always hot. I mainly started watching this due to my brother keep saying it's hilarious and it has Will from the Inbetweeners so I was sold. And the neighbour Jim, what a character!!

Black Books
I used to watch this when I was little which is probably so wrong due to the amount of swearing in it. Again another programme my brother watched and I got into. I love Bill Bailey's character in this. It's essentially about a guy that runs a book shop that drinks, smokes and is generally rude and meets a man who becomes his assistant. Its fantastic. If you do watch it check out the episode with Simon Pegg in, makes me cry with laughter every time.

I keep getting bugged to watch Orange is the New Black so I will no doubt start that soon. But first I'll finish AHS and Pretty Little Liars. You may or may not have noticed I've tweaked a few things. Finally a header and also I've added a on repeat section on the side bar. I felt like my blog really isn't mine unless it features a song I love currently, so that's exactly what I've done. Don't know how often I'll change it but it'll be nice for people to see the kind of music I like.

If you have any recommendations of what to what on Netflix then let me know Im always wanting new things to watch!

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  1. Great shows - I need to recommend Orange Is The New Black to you. It's so great!