Red Vibes

Sunday, 12 July 2015


Ramones T-shirt- Primark
Denim Jacket- New Look
Shorts- New Look
Sandals- New Look
This is a pretty New Look heavy outfit hmmm. It's been ages since I've done a proper outfit post but I felt like I wanted to share this one. Anyone that knows me is aware of how often I wear Ramones T-shirts and yes I do listen to them. The Ramones are one of my favourite bands. I guess I kind of collect their t-shirts and this one is the classic design. But the main focal point of this outfit is my red shorts. They just scream festival vibes to me with the pom poms and pattern on them. I love them and they're comfy too so it's just a bonus. Also they are great to just lounge about in at home. The denim jacket is a staple for me during summer, I am living in this one. I love the wash of this jacket and it has a little bit of distressing. My shoes I bought last year and now they are stating to become comfy. I've persisted with them as I think they are too pretty  to not wear (great logic by me as always).  

Being back at home after uni unemployed is a tad frustrating. I've managed to get a small costume making job but I need something regular really. I had a pretty fun week though. I got to see one of my uni friends Sade and we went to see the band Nothing But Thieves. Live they are amazing, check them out if you haven't.