A Couple of Healthy Investments

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Aww January the month where most people have some sort of resolution to eat better, get fitter etc. I think it's very easy to say that you want to get healthy but it does actually require you to evaluate aspects of how you currently treat your body. Now I am obviously no expert in exercise and nutrition, but I have been on a bit of journey in terms of health. At the moment I'm not in the best of shape as I definitely overindulged over Christmas (it's what we all do right??). But for me I notice it most when I look at photos and my clothes don't look nice. Naturally as I have an interest in clothes what I wear is what I like to look at. I'm taking some baby steps to get to a position where I was a few years back now.
Maybe one day I'll do a progress post, but to cut a long story short I used to be big (in the plus size ranges of clothing). While I am in no way saying that's a bad thing, for me I was very low and depressed when at this weight. I have big time respect for bigger girls that love there bodies as trust me I would love to have that outlook on life. I wanted to go in shops and be able to buy clothes from the normal ranges without a zip not doing up or every top not fitting over my chest. So in summer 2010 I went on a diet, did exercise and that was the beginning. I'm hoping I can get back in this mind frame and just feel a tad happier with how I look (it's something I know I'll never hundred per cent be okay with). I'm working on it though.
I've purchased a couple of items that I hope will help.

The first is Body Beautiful by Lucy Mecklenburgh, yes I've purchased a book. I mean firstly she is beautiful and I've always thought she had an incredible body. What I like about her though is she isn't just a celebrity that's bought a crappy exercise DVD out. She's embarked on a fitness journey for life and completely changed her mentality towards food. The book is so good flicking through the pages and is very informative. I didn't realise how much detail there is but it is amazing. From aspects of your body, exercises to do, recipes and nutrition its fascinating to read. I feel like I'm learning a lot and I've only owned it for a couple of days. I think a lot of you may have heard of Results with Lucy as it is incredible and if you haven't then I definitely think you should check it out. I hope this will help me make changes to my poor diet now.

The second I am trying out is the 14 day Teatox by BooTea. I reckon people buy this as a quick solution which is a completely wrong reason to buy it. I bought it as I'd read it's great for getting rid of bloating which I experience on a daily basis. I feel like it has helped. You make a day tea every morning when you get up and the night tea you have before bed every other day. To me they both taste pretty good as I like Green Tea anyway. The only thing I don't like is the smell of the night tea (not my cup of tea... get it ). But the taste to me is better than the smell so I can live with it. I can't say if I've lost any weight since starting using it but I feel a bit better due to it.

Weight is always going to be a touchy subject with me as it's a big deal. That's why I won't talk about it too much on here. But I hope I can get healthier for this year as I have a lot of things coming up. Fingers crossed :) Anyone else doing anything to become more healthier??