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Friday, 16 January 2015

I was really excited when asked to create this post by Nu Sound as I am a big music junkie. I've mentioned this before and it is obvious from the amount of gigs I tend to go to but I feel there is no better way to spend time then seeing music live. Nu Sound Acoustics is a brand that sell headphones and speakers to make listening to music even more enjoyable. With such affordable prices as well it all sounds to good to be true right?? I physically carry my headphones everywhere I go. I guess it's like a comfort thing as I always listen to music on trains, buses, walking to uni I mean the list could go on and on. I chose three items that I'd love to purchase.
The first pair of name the Roadie Headphones are my personal favourite design. Firstly I love the name of them. They just look so comfortable and come in six different colours. Of course I chose purple as it is my favourite. Described as having 'a clear balance of sound' I think they would be the perfect pair for me. I've yet to own a pair of headphones that are comfy whilst still producing good quality sound. These sound like they could be perfect.
The second pair of headphones I picked are the Retro Headphones. Firstly I think aesthetically they look pretty cool, classic and elegant. I liked these as they are described as being good headphones to listen to Rock and guitar solo's. The majority of my music collection is some from of Rock so I think my playlist would sound pretty good through these bad boys.
I finally picked the X Bass Stereo Bluetooth Speakers. I haven't owned speakers in the longest time as I tend to listen to most of my music through my laptop. But from reading the description for this it seems like your music and movie experience can be upgraded through the use of these speakers. And at the price of 69.99 it really isn't a bad deal.

As well as creating a wish list they sent over some music related questions to answer. I guess you'll get to know a little bit more about my music taste (I can't even describe it really haha)

What is your favourite song of all time.
This is probably the worst question you could ask me as it's so hard to pick. I think I'd have to go with I Want To Break Free by Queen, it just makes me so happy.

Song that you hate?
Anything by The Wanted, thank god they broke up. Actually one song I can't stand is We are Never getting back together by Taylor Swift, does my head in!

Reading, Lattitude or Download Festival?
I've only been to Reading out of the three so I'd have to go with that. The line up is just such a mix of genres of music that I think it's the perfect place to discover new artists and bands that you never thought you would see. I have some amazing memories from both times I've been. I have to say though that Download does sound wicked and I hope to go one day.

Favourite workout song/ songs
I really like Here We Go By Lower Than Atlantis as its quite heavy and just seems to always inspire me to carry on when working out

When you’re getting ready for a night out, what gets you pumped and in the mood?

Anything by Chase and Status and I'm immediately in a going out mood.

Who can you listen to on repeat and never get bored of?

I will never get bored of listening to Enter Shikari. They can mix up elements of music that you wouldn't dream of putting together and create such a unique sound. Plus they are incredible live too!

Top 3 artists?

Okay so I don't know if this means currently or of all time
All time- The Ramones, Queen, The Who
Now- Enter Shikari, Twin Atlantic and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

What do you listen to when your in a bad mood in hope that it will cheer you up?

I love listening to jazz and blue when I'm upset and I tend to go for either a bit of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. I don't see how anyone can't be happy when listening to their voices.

Best album of the year?

I have to go with Great Divide by Twin Atlantic, I love this band and they just always deliver.

Favourite song of 2014?

Hmm this ones hard, I'd go with Come On Over by Royal Blood, they were probably the biggest band of 2014 and I totally understand why.

Now it's your turn have a go at these questions, they're really fun to answer!

Check out Nu Sound Acoustics here

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