London Calling by Kat Von D

Monday, 10 October 2016

Being from the UK I couldn't get my hands on Kat Von D makeup easily as it was always available for years in the US in Sephora. So when I found out that her make up was being launched over here in Debenhams I was so so excited! And my lovely boyfriend treated me to a limited edition set from her range called London Calling which featured the product I have been wanting to try for ages.
So in this collection you get three miniature sized products which I actually really like as they're perfect for travel and it also means you can try them out before deciding to buy the bigger version. So it features a min studded kiss lipstick in what I believe is a classic shade from her collection called Lolita, a mini everlasting liquid lipstick (which I've heard many good things about) in the shade Double Dare and the product I'm most excited about a mini waterproof tattoo eyeliner in Trooper.

I am absolutely loving the eyeliner so I now see why everyone raves about it. The felt tip applicator makes it so easy to use and draw a smooth line something I find really tricky to do. I've also heard it makes doing winged eyeliner really easy so we'll see if that works with clumsy old me. But what I'm most impressed with is that the colour stays on my lid throughout the whole day. Most of the time the black liquid eyeliners I use fade a lot through the day which is a tad annoying. But this one remains all day. I also love the pigment of the lipsticks particularly the everlasting liquid one. It just glides on, the colours are a little darker then what I usually wear but I guess Autumn is the perfect time to experiment with darker lip shades.

Question is what do I buy next from the range...

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