Venice 2016

Friday, 30 September 2016

For years I've been jealous of reading about what felt like everyone in the world going on holiday except me. I've been to a few places but there are those places where you've dreamt of going to and I have a pretty long list. But one place in particular I've wanted to go for years is Venice in Italy, and well a couple of weeks ago that dream came true. It's taken me ages to edit the photos so apologies this is a little late.
The whole holiday itself was a bit of a dream as I went on holiday with my boyfriend Ben which also is something I thought I would never say. And Venice is an extremely romantic place so it was a rather lovely place to go to on our first holiday together. And plus I loved being able to spend a few days together just the two of us as work makes it tricky to see each other a lot of the time.


For the first day we simply wanted to explore the area the hotel was in. We stayed in a lovely hotel that was near the airport and just outside of Venice. We were convinced we could walk there as we thought we were very close to Venice. However this wasn't the case and lets just say we walked for hours and didn't make it there. Plus for the whole of the first day it was pissing down so that got us down a bit. However we had a takeaway pizza for dinner and that made everything better, seriously proper Italian pizza is what dreams are made of!


The second day we figured that we would have to get the bus and eventually figuring out the ticketing system we headed into Venice on a journey that took 15 minutes maximum so it was really quick. As soon as the bus stopped and I saw the first bridge and a hint of water I couldn't stop smiling. Plus the weather was gorgeous which made it look even more beautiful. We kept having to stop to take photos as everything looked incredible. Seeing a city that is based around water just has a magical element to it. Everything just seems so calm and relaxed. Its very easy to get lost but that's the best part, there is literally so much to explore. We walked in all directions and saw bridge after bridge and sat in a quiet area taking in the surroundings. One thing that I loved seeing were the Venetian Carnival masks as there is such a variety, just gutted I didn't get any pictures of them. But of course we both bought each other a mask as you can't leave without one.

It wasn't until the third day that we found St Mark's square (Piazza San Marco) which is the iconic place in Venice. Trust me when you walk into it, it will take your breath away. The architecture is simply stunning and it's just a beautiful atmosphere. The queues to look in the church and the other attractions around the square were so long as we went in the afternoon so I think its better to go in the morning. Plus September is still a busy time for tourists. We also witnessed the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen which we just stared at for ages. One thing we didn't get to do is go on a gondola which was slightly disappointing, but the price for 30 minutes was extremely expensive and to be honest we ran out of time.

We still have so much to explore of Venice and both Ben and I are already planning to go back as we loved it so much. It's the perfect place to see beautiful sights, eat amazing food, experience a different way of life and simply have a romantic escape. By far the most amazing place I've been too and I cant recommend it enough. Now I want another holiday...

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