A Few Summer Favourites

Wednesday, 27 July 2016



I am not someone who is made for the summer, heat and me we just aren't a match made in heaven. Feeling all sweaty, wearing clothes that I feel uncomfortable in and my skin breaking out just isn't my ideal situation. But the one great thing about summer, you get to actually be outside. Nothing beats spending the day outside either at the coast or just in the garden soaking up some rays. I thought I'd take some photos outside working with the lighting whilst babysitting my gorgeous nephew (hence the sandpit). So I figured I'd snap some of my favourite things I've been loving in the summer so far.

I joined the Quay Australia sunglasses hype a couple of months ago before I went on holiday. I bought these blue tinted mirror framed glasses and I bloody love wearing them. I seem to freak out a lot of people wearing them (seriously the boyfriend is not a fan) and have been referred to as looking like a fly. But I think they're cool and I can somehow pull them off. To be fair I think I can pull off a lot of things but yeah...

Sandals are a staple for summer and its so good to wear flat shoes. Now being the sewing geek I am I love any form of embellishment so when I saw this beautiful beaded pair of sandals from New Look I just had to have them. I believe they were around £20.00 so a bargain. With the pop of orange they add a bit of colour to my very monochrome wardrobe. Plus they were comfy from the first moment I put them on a real rarity with my feet.

I'm really loving brightly coloured jewellery at the moment and there's not better season to wear it then summer. This anklet I also got from New Look for holiday and I just feel cool wearing it. Its very different for me and I feel a bit bohemian. The only downside is that the bright pink transfers onto my ankle which is a tad annoying but I can deal with it. It doesn't irritate me like I thought it would and I feel like I want to buy more jewellery pieces now. Guess its time to experiment.

Finally I thought I would include a cup I'm enjoying. I have many goals I want to achieve in terms of being more healthy and one of those is to drink more water. I thought buying a fun glass would make me want to drink water more. I purchased this pink jar from Primark a couple of months back and it's so cute. With the logo let's do cocktails what's not to like really...

How are we near August, I swear time is just flying by!! I need some more plans for the remaining part of the summer we have left.

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