A Seaside Pirate Adventure

Monday, 18 July 2016




Its rare that I get to go away but after going abroad last month and going for a weekend away I am fully now on a mission to make more time for myself and get away. I think everyone needs a break from everyday life. This past weekend I went down to Hastings with my family to have a weekend away. Each summer they have a day in July called Pirate day and everyone goes to town. Last year I missed out as it was my first shift at my supermarket job (yes I've been there a year already...).
I'm a massive fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and anything with a skull on so it was safe to say I was in my element. My whole family got involved dressing up and everyone in the town wore an array of costumes. Some of them were incredible, yeah my costume nerd side came up. Definitely have some inspiration to make some Pirate outfits now. To have time with my family was really nice, life is so busy so its quite uncommon for us to all get together. And with my nephew being the happy, full of life baby that he is made it a lot more special. Everything was Pirate themed, pubs were full, music blaring and the pier had a treasure hunt for all of the family.
And um I met Captain Jack Sparrow, okay maybe he wasn't exactly Johnny Depp but the resemblance was crazy.
I just love being by the seaside, I don't think it'll ever lose its charm. The air is fresher and everything just seems a lot happier there. And the weather for once was amazing. I need another weekend away soon.

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