It Was Time For A Change

Saturday, 30 April 2016

I'm not a very outgoing, spontaneous person, I never have been. I stick to what I know, stay within comfort zones and just get on with life. There are many things I've thought about changing in my life. My fitness level and overall health is something I'm massively keen to get back on track. My style I want to mix up a bit. But my hair is one of those things where I haven't really changed for years.
As crazy as this is going to sound my hair is pretty sacred to me, I know such a bloody girly stupid thing to say. But I've always had issues with it. As a kid I had what I called my afro but essentially short ringlety frizzy hair and it was just atrocious. And discovering straighteners as a teenager meant I overdid it and well my hair essentially died from the heat. I've kept my hair the same for as long as I can remember really, only getting the ends trimmed. I feel like you're a bit limited when you have curly hair. For years I've been trying to grow it and finally it's got a bit longer now. But it still has a way to go to what I want it to be (below the boobage area).
I've been contemplating getting a dip dye for ages and I've finally taken the plunge. I didn't want my whole hair done as dare I say it I like my natural hair colour. I got the ends dip dyed in this gorgeous vibrant purple and I bloody love it. I think the colour is gorgeous and goes so well with my dark hair. I literally am so happy with it. 


I'm now a proud member of the dip dye club, I just feel a bit revamped now. Maybe I should think about making some other spontaneous decisions.

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