So Long 2013

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year I guess is the thing to start this post off with! :) Hope everyone who reads this had an amazing Christmas with family or just a nice relaxed break!

First off changed my blog name so again I'm on Blog Lovin so check me out :)
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Personally I hate this time of year as I get the Christmas blues and get fed up of people saying the generic I'm gonna be a better person this year but then not do anything about it! phew haha

2013 was an okay year for me I didn't really do much to be honest and felt like it was a bit of an unproductive year.

A highlight for me was going to Reading Festival for the second year in a row. I love festivals/music and Reading feels like the place for me!

The main stage, soo many amazing bands

Both years I've queued up to meet Enter Shikari, got to the front of the line and been cut off :( However did manage to get Rou's autograph and talk to him a little bit. May have a slight attraction towards him :') haha

Also I got to go to many concerts/ gigs, bands I saw included:
*Black Rebel Motorcyle Club
*One Direction
*Enter Shikari
*Two Door Cinema Club
*Michael Buble
*Kesha  (shocking live, only went cause my sister had a spare ticket haha, not my cup of tea)
So what do I want to achieve in this new year then. Well I kinda have resolutions but there more for my general well being then just the next year coming up
1. First I would like to lose more weight and become healthier. I have been on a weight struggle all my life and have changed dramatically in terms of weight (perhaps I will do a post in the future but I don't want to come across as bragging about losing weight)
2. Attempt to have a more positive outlook on things. Unfortunately I'm quite pessimistic and tend to see things from a negative point of view. I want this to change as then I generally feel like I would enjoy certain things more, lets see :)
3. Start a new hobby- I have something in mind that I would love to have a go at. However I don't want to share it as I want to see if I actually have the guts to start it. I'm not brilliant at stepping out of my comfort zone!
So yeah I don't have a lot planned for 2014 yet, I'm finally meeting a friend of mine in person soon and we're going to see TNA (wrestling) in London. It's my first time seeing wrestling in terms of a big American company in person and I have watched it since I was 4 crazy!
I hope my blog this year will get a few more people discovering it, I don't really know what I'm doing but ya know it's all a learning process ain't it! :)
How was your New Year??
Thank you for reading
Katie x


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