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Friday, 17 January 2014

So probably my favourite in this blogging world is the just awesome Lily Melrose (link her blog at the bottom), pretty sure most of you will know her. She's like famous on here haha! Anyways I seem to love every single outfit post she does, the girl has style you can't deny it, she could make a bin bang look good!!

One particular outfit featured a certain dress, I feel in love with immediately that I wanted to write a  blog post about it.

So it is this amazing dress from Motel Rocks and it's £35 which is a pretty sweet price if you ask me. The thing I love is the gothic/witchy vibe this dress has. Hocus Pocus was my life as a kid, I would watch the film on repeat and always wanted to be a witch. Not gonna lie I still do :P. Sarah Jessica Parker in that film is something else, a witch that can lure in all the boys and made my favourite colour purple :) I feel like this is the perfect way of wearing something considered a bit goth without actually looking quite scary. Its a smock dress which I'm a bit reluctant about as I'm quite wide and got a bit of a chest so have a fear of this style making me look pregnant. But I do now have a smock dress from Asos and I love it! The lacing detail at the back just adds to it awesomeness. They also do this dress in maroon which I also love!
my girls- Mary, Winifred and Sarah Sanderson :) <3
I have however put myself on a shopping ban, but I want it sooo bad in my life! My birthday is in April but realistically I don't think I can wait that long!!
Do I buy it... haha. Anyone else having these dilemmas??
Katie x

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