A Lonely Saturday...

Monday, 20 January 2014

oooo dusty mirror you should be ashamed of yourself Katie... ottd of the day- jacket- Topshop, top- H&M, treggings- Next

On the ol' Youtube

So being at uni means I'm not at home obviously, and after quitting my job back at home (uni schedule is about to get hectic) I find myself sometimes alone at the weekend. So I decided to pluck up the courage to catch a bus on my own and go into a town near me called Bromely to try and find a birthday present for the legend that is my mother!! :)
I ended up getting a bracelet from a lovely shop called Flutterbyes. They do such cute interior stuff to and the music played in there... they know how to party haha! I wanted to get her a perfume to but couldn't find it so I ended up ordering that offline.
Okay so I physically had to face what I would call a nightmare situation. So I hate travelling on my own except on trains as I have a pretty good idea how the London Underground works now! Hence why I have never got a bus on my own before. Travelling there absolutely fine. So went to get the bus home and the road where the bus stop is has been dug up.. shit! I believe I actually have a fear of getting lost on my own. Somehow I remained calm and managed to figure out how to get home which included me getting a bus and a train. Not gonna lie was so proud of myself haha!
When I got home I put my feet up played on my laptop and obviously went on Youtube, found an awesome drugstore beauty haul (pictured above). Then watched a few episodes of the Munsters, I loveee that programme. It's so vintage, it's based on a family that dress Halloween themed and Lily Munster is what a lady should be haha!.
I spent my night going to a friends house, was a bit naughty and got a takeaway. Chicken burger and chips yes yes! Plus my friends made cake and popcorn mmm mmmmmm. We watched Harry Potter the Half Blood Prince as I hadn't seen it. I have two more films to watch then I've seen them all.
Just had the urge to write about my weekend and took a few pics, hope it was intresting to someone haha :)
Katie x

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