Putting Up Our Christmas Tree

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hey guys!
So on Sunday I spent the day putting up the Christmas tree with my mum and dad :) I love putting up the tree as it always feels like Christmas is official. The lights are the best bit in my opinion, I just love them!! God help whoever shares a house with me when I'm older I'm soo gonna go crazy with decorating haha
Wow I look so attractive but modelling a Text Santa hat :) getting into the festive spirit

With our tree we tend to go for the same colour scheme every year as we just use the ornaments we've collected over the years. It's always usually multi-coloured lights, silver or purple tinsel and decorations. Last year my friend Charlotte bought me these sick skull decorations from Paperchase I just had to put them on the tree to add a bit of my personality to it. Kind of actually shows the weirdness of my family haha. The decorations are quite random really, mainly silver and maroon baubles and then random ornaments we've got as gifts from people ( a couple even form the USA due again to Charlotte she really is good to me :P)

Just working on Dad to put some lights up outside, he's refusing to do it right now which is making me sad :(

You put up your Christmas tree yet??

Katie x

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