Crete 2017

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Last week I went on a week long holiday to the beautiful island of Crete. I cannot say how grateful I am whenever I get to go away and see a new place as I've had years where I simply could not afford it. A week of chill, sun and spending time with my boyfriend Ben. Both of us had never been anywhere in Greece so it was so exciting to experience a new culture.

This may seem like a weird thing to say but Crete was just so blue, I've never seen the sea be such a vivid shade and it look constantly inviting. I always find it weird how simplistic the lifestyle and buildings are abroad, things here in England are always so hectic. Yet in the warm weather brings people together where they catch up face to face, outside in the sunshine, eat good food and drink. 
Speaking of eating, oh my goodness the food is so so good! Both Ben and I ordered the same dish (pictured above) on our first day as we wanted to try the 'local cuisine', ya know to sound adventurous. Sorry if you're vegetarian, but the lamb was so so nice and was accompanied by grilled vegetables, feta cheese and potatoes. It tasted amazing and it was such a simple yet amazing combination. Also I drank a lot of cocktails on this holiday compared to usual, Pina Colada's and Blue Lagoon's are my jam.

I packed light for me on this trip, I mean we even had a few kilograms spare on the way back which is unheard of for me. I tried to pack a lot of colour so I could branch out of wearing darker colours all the time and felt some what a bit confident on holiday. Don't get me wrong I still had those self conscious moments as I'm not happy with my body but I want to work on that. I even wore yellow (which made me look like a lemon) but I still wore it and kind of loved it. My bag I took was the cutest rucksack from Primark. Minnie Mouse painted as a sugar skull, I just couldn't resist it! And of course I wore my straw hat and purple Raybans constantly. 

I hope you enjoyed my little photo diary of our trip to Crete, I've had one day back at work and I already want another holiday. Although lets get excited as Halloween is fast approaching woop!

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