Overcoming Fears

Monday, 21 January 2013

Howdy :) so I 've just come back from uni and felt in the mood to write as it's been quite a stressful but interesting day.
The weather here in the UK at the moment has been crazy. We've had lots of snow which I LOVE!! However the chaos it creates here is unreal. Plus I couldn't go out and play in it (my inner child) as I had a ton of work to over the weekend. Anyways today I went to uni and had to do presentations. Now the thought of presentations physically makes me feel sick. I hate talking in front of people and the idea of people just looking at me at the same time brrrrrr. However today when giving my presentation I felt strangely calm and managed to project my voice quite well. It feels amazing to think I kinda overcame a fear today. I'm not saying I felt entirely comfortable but I think I crossed a mildstone today. Positive vibes today guys :D
Anyways I'm gonna take a well earned rest tonight. Hope your all having an amazing day!


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