Shikari Gig :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

So yet another blog post about me going out, I promise I don't actually go out that much (makes me sound boring :P) but every time I wanna write down something is about an experience. Life is about experiencing things right?
Anyways I went to see Enter Shikari in concert last night and what a night I had!. Shikari have quickly become one of my favourite bands and one of their song titles Destabalise was the inspiration for the name I came up with for my blog and youtube. Last night was my 4th time seeing them live (2nd concert of theirs, seen them at 2 festival events as well). I took my best friend Charlotte to see them and we got to go into Camden which is my favourite place to go in London :).

Charlotte and I trying out the Sssnakepit beer :)
We went into Camden and just had a look round before getting a Starbucks (yeah the typcial thing that everyone does I know). I actually hardly ever go to Starbucks but I wanted to try out one of their christmas drinks. I went for a toffee nut latte. It was alright, bit strong for me as i'm not much of a coffee person. I usually have the cold drinks they offer. However I felt a tad guilty going there after reading so much about them not paying their taxes etc. (tut tut). Enter Shikari have bought out their own beer called Sssnakepit Beer which is pretty sick in my opinion so of course I had to go and try it :P. So we went to the pub that was serving it and had one each. I liked it but don't think my mate was too keen.

Picture of the bottle

We then waited in the queue for about half an hour and got in there surprisingly quickly. I stopped myself from the temptations of buying any merch although there was a grey Shikari jumper that I really wanted to buy!! We were lucky as we managed to get a spot in the second row from the front. However we stuck to one side as if you stand in the middle then you have to be prepared for a crazy and bumpy time. Trust me when I went to my last Shikari concert I stood centre front and lets just say I lost my friend and ended up in the middle of a mosh pit (not a place I wanted to be in).
The support acts were Engine Earz Experimental and Cancer Bats, polar opposites from each other but they both represent different aspects of Enter Shikari's music. Engine Earz were a dubstep act who were amazing live. I definitely want to invest in some of their songs. Cancer Bats were also really good. They play really heavy, aggressive music (lots of screaming) which I didn't mind. I saw them at Reading so I knew what to expect from them. Then of course Shikari came on and delieved an epic set. The crowd went mental as soon as the first notes to the song System were heard. It was nice actually being able to see them playing as well as before I could only really hear them. Have to admit I may have got a tad over excited as I might have a soft spot for the singer :/ I can't help it haha. Anyways they always know how to put on an amazing night and you can just tell they appreciate all of the support, plus there songs are just awesome.

I would 100% recommend seeing Enter Shikari live as there is no gig quite like theirs. I mean they have pretty colourful lights and there was even confetti, what more could you want?? ;)

Katie x


  1. beautiful pictures and i think the outfits on your blog are very nice :) your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. Sounds like fun and cool pictures.Happy new year, I hope it brings you all the things you want! I would love it if you could check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other?


    1. Hey thanks for the comment, Happy new year to you too! soo sorry i am late replying my internet hasn't been letting me log on here, but sure i'll follow your blog, it'd be lovely if you followed me :) xx