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Thursday, 4 July 2013

So instead of doing a haul on my Youtube channel I thought I would show what I got on a recent shopping trip I went on with one of my closest friends Lizzie. It was the first time I got to have a good old catch up with her since being back from university and I have missed talking to her sooooo much!
We went to a lovely little town near where I live called St Albans. If you live in or near Hertfordshire I would recommend going there as personally I think it's beautiful. I wish I took some pictures, that's the plan for next time. I will learn haha :'). It's got your usual shops but also has cute little shops to and cobbled streets. And there is an amazing park which is just amazing to go to on a warm summers day. Anyway so I did a little bit of shopping and got mainly clothes as I am obsessed at the moment. Summer clothes this year just seem to be everything I love, particularly summer dresses. I have been shopping a lot recently and should stop as I'm not exactly made of money. Anyways stop babbling Katie...

The first shop we went to was Topshop. I adore the Topshop there and it seems like a must to buy something each time I visit it.
I bought this coral crop top as I immediately fell in love with the colour. I think coral with a tan just goes so well not that I have a tan. I also wanted a loose crop top as I'm not so keen on my upper body area so the fact it's loose makes me feel a lot more comfortable. I got it in a size 14 as that the biggest size they had and it's baggy on me so the sizing is good. I definitely need to wear something high waisted with it though as my stomach should not be seen out. Definitely wanna tone up during my summer off university.

I purchased my very first lipstick from Topshop. I chose Brighton Rock as I've seen a few Youtubers wear it and love the colour. It's a bright almost bubble gum pink colour and is really pretty. I can't wait to wear it. I tried it on and I like it I just need time to adjust to brighter colours. Trying to venture out a bit more.

Next I popped into Boots successfully resisting my recent obsession with buying nail varnishes and make up. I did however buy a new beauty product. I have wanted something for improving stretch marks for a while as unfortunately I suffer from them quite badly. It's due to losing some weight over years (please don't feel like I'm bragging about it cause I honestly don't want it to come across that way, trust me I know how hard it is!). Anyways I was looking at buying bio-oil as I've heard such great things about it, but I just cannot justify the price of it. Then Lizzie mentioned palmer's to me and I found the Palmer's massage cream for stretch marks. I've only used it a couple of times so can't give a full review on it but maybe down the line I'll post a blog or video about it :)


Woop H&M my favourite!! This shop is dangerous!! I bought this white t-shirt as I really loved the design on it. Every piece of clothing I've seen with blue and white on I just seem to really like. The A has no personal meaning to me I just thought the design was interesting. I'm going to say it stands for Awesome ;)

 I bought this adorable guess you could call it bowler style hat. I love hats I just never seem to find any that suit me. Lizzie insisted it suited me and I've fallen in love with it. For £7.99 it's not bad and I would love to wear this to Reading festival. I think it's gonna just add interest to any boring outfit and hide that state known as my hair.

Sorry shocking photo quality :/ (my apologies). I bought a simple belt as I only have one black belt from New Look and its starting to get a bit ruined now. I wanted a belt with neon colours and I loved the Aztec style pattern on this. This wrapped round a cute white summer dress I think will look sweet :)

Right guys so that is everything I got. I got some pieces that are quite different to my usual taste which I like. I wanna mix things up a bit :). I will add prices when I get back home, I've been at my uni house for a few days as I've done some work experience (hopefully write a blog post about that tomorrow).
Thanks for reading :)

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