Weekly Wants #1

Friday, 19 July 2013

So I want to start a weekly post on things that I have been wanting to get. Whether I post this every week I don't know but I hopefully will post this frequently. I am always online looking at new products so this is what I want this week.

 1. Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Serum 240ml - £29.99
So I recently saw something on TV about hair minimising serums which I found interesting as I didn't have a clue that they even existed. I'm always looking for anything to help hair removal as I unfortunately have naturally dark hair so it's noticeable. I would love tor try this out on my legs as I hate having to shave them constantly!!. After reading reviews, it seems to be really good as long as you use it religiously every day.

2. Essie Nail Polish- First Timer
I have never actually bought a Essie nail varnish as they are quite expensive in my opinion. However I love the colours and after seeing loads of Youtube videos saying how good they are I'd really like to try this one out. I love the colour of this one it's a lovely mint green.

3. Orange Alabama Basketball Top- PrettyLittleThing.com- £16.00
I absolutely adore this top. I've been getting into fitness more or attempting to this summer so I'm kinda digging the whole athletic trend going on. I'm currently obsessed with anything orange so this top is just perfect. It looks so comfy and light perfect for summer really. I would love to wear it at Reading Festival.

4. Olivia Blue Layered Crop Top- PrettyLittleThings.com- £16.00
I love this top and it reminds me of something I saw in River Island but cheaper. Again I love the floaty light style of it. I can imagine even wearing this in Autumn/Winter with disco pants :)

5. Day Dreamer Floral Crown- Dolly Bow Bow- £15.00
I love these floral crowns they are just so adorable. I really love this one as it's so girly and pretty very different to what I usually go for. I would love to get this to wear to Reading Festival (so excited!!). It will be the perfect way to hide the disgusting state my hair will be in aha

So yeah that's my first weekly wants post (I don't know it that names any good) but yeah. What have you guys been loving this week?? If you have any posts like this on your blog please leave a link I love looking at them. Thanks for reading this.

Katie x

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