Chill out before bed

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Now the weather's changing and Autumn is in full swing I've realised that I've got into a bit of a routine before I decide to call it a night. I seem to be so busy lately that making time to chill is essential otherwise I would literally be a broken woman haha.
Taking off my make up is the first thing I do. As much as I love make up there's no better feeling then having clear skin. I use the Garnier Micellar Water with cotton pads and I think it does a pretty good job. It doesn't seem to get all of my mascara off but for the price I can't really moan. I of course one day want to try Bio derma maybe if I go to France at some point I'll pick up a bottle. Once I've done that then I'll just wash my face and if I really want to treat myself I'll use an exfoliating mask. That doesn't happen that often though (slap on the wrist for being lazy).
I then obviously get my pyjama's on. I do have perhaps the best pyjama top from Primark. Well it's a t-shirt but I wear it for bed. It features all of the Disney villains and I just couldn't leave it. The colours and it features a pumpkin it just had to be in my life. I'll then make myself a cup of green tea as that seems to make me relax. Switch on my fairy lights near my bed as I think that instantly changes the atmosphere of my room. Fact about me I love fairy lights. Think when I get a house my electricity bill will be pretty high around Halloween and Christmas haha :). I'll then read a few blog posts and watch some YouTube videos. And then brush my teeth and then drift off to sleep

I'm currently at home for a day and a bit. I'm so excited to be home just for a little bit I really need it. I've somehow had some good luck for once and got myself a little Christmas job. I did my first shift yesterday and I am dead from it. But a little bit of income will be lovely!!

Hope your all having a great weekend


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  2. i did not try this garnier micellar water yet..the loreal one is very good..gets rid of mascara very should try it :)
    would you like to follow each other on gfc? please let me know on my blog or follow me if you like my blog and i will follow you back:)

    1. Thanks I will give that a try!! Yeah sure I will follow you :) xx

    2. Hi Katie, thanks a lot for following me:) i wanted to follow you back but cant see the gfc on your i added you to google plus..hope thats ok? Xx

  3. I love fairy lights too! Yours are super cute xx