Little Update #2

Sunday, 5 October 2014

I really enjoyed writing my first 'little update' post and as I have been pretty poor at posting this week I figured I would do this to make up for it. I really enjoy when bloggers write about there life. Maybe I'm just a nosey cow (its so true) but I do find it kinda cool that people can get up to so many different things.

1. I have had the most unproductive week at university. I'm currently on my IRP at uni, it's essentially the same as a dissertation but it's called an independent research project. I am making a 1920's evening dress. I just can't seem to find my stride at the moment. Myself and Lucy (check out her blog here!!) found ourselves looking on clothing websites and trying to take advantage of the student discounts. Maybe it's a bad idea us sitting near each other...

2. My skin is really unhappy with me at the moment and it's making me sad

3. Oxford street, Tottenham Court Road Primark and student loan = dangerous times. So many lovely clothes around guys. My friend managed to find a photo booth in H&M how sick is that! We got out photo's done as you can see above. I love them so much!

4. Cards Against Humanity is such a fun game to play. Tad controversial but it had me in stitches and now I really want to buy it.

5. Today I helped a friend of my uni tutor pack up a load of costumes from a store. Every bone in my body aches no joke. It was based in an old film and TV studio which was pretty cool. It's not running anymore so it was completely empty. Not gonna lie it was very eeery. Me and my two friends tried to explore as much of it as we could, highlight eating our lunch in an empty canteen seeing autographs of people who had filmed their.

Right time for me to go to bed, busy week ahead. Must. be. more. productive.

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