Take Me to the Weekend Festival

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Dungaree's*- Fat Face
Guns N Roses t-shirt- H&M
Kimono- George at Asda
Yellow Rain coat*- Fat Face
Shoes- Converse
Sunglasses- Asos
Now we're entering the summer, weekends can be filled with more outdoor activities. Being the music lover that I am my perfect plan for a summer weekend is going to a festival. It shouldn't be that much of a surprise to you.

Fat Face have launched a new range Take Me to the Weekend that feature clothing that make every weekend an adventure whatever your plans are. And life should be full of adventures right?? I was asked to come up with an outfit/outfits that I would wear to a festival. I am going to Reading festival for the third time thankfully, last year I didn't go and I was so upset. I should probably venture to a different festival at some point in my life.

My plans for Reading are pretty simple:
Set up camp with my mates, have a few ciders, go to the main arena as soon as each day, watch a variety of bands and appreciate the diverse range of music on offer. Oh and look round the stalls there cause the shopper in me needs to have a bit of time to shine. But mainly make some new memories.

When I'm at a festival I get fully involved with the music I'm seeing so I tend to dance quite a bit, put my hands in the air you know the usual thing... So I'm all about comfort. In my head I have these amazing elaborate outfits planned, but in reality I keep it simple. I love denim so when I saw these dungaree's I knew I wanted to give them a try. Maybe they aren't the most practical thing to wear to a festival but I think they are too cute to leave behind. I paired them with a Guns N Roses t-shirt as it's me so a band tee would be involved in some way. Converse are the ultimate comfort shoe, I would probably wear some wellies as well but currently don't own any. The kimono I thought added a laid back vibe along with sunglasses. These are my favourite pair of sunnies I own, I live in them. A festival in England means that rain is inevitable at some point, the weather is just too unpredictable. That's where my main love of this outfit comes into play. I am obsessed with this yellow rain coat from Fat Face. Yellow is a colour I don't wear too often but I just love it, lightweight, waterproof, fun it just ticks all of the boxes.

Festival fashion is by far my favourite and I feel like Fat Face have come up with some great essential pieces. Check out the Take Me to the Weekend range here.
Or of course you can check all of their women's wear here.

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