Discovering somewhere new

Friday, 21 August 2015


There's something I find so rewarding when I venture to a new place. One thing I hate about myself is that I don't explore enough. I stick to the same areas and never broaden to where I can go. Watford's great and all but I would quite like to go somewhere new ya know. I guess being limited with hardly any funds and not coming from a family that go on holidays very often I haven't had the chance to see a lot. On the odd occasion, my parents and I go on a day out somewhere usually on the coast so we get to be by the sea. We decided to visit Portsmouth and Southsea as we'd never been there. It was just nice to get away from home really even if it was for a day. It consisted of walking by the sea, checking out the shops in Portsmouth (there was a designer outlet in which I bought nothing aha) and my Dad talking to everyone like he always does. I think it has firmly established that I need a holiday of some kind. I need to get away more and have some time to myself. I tried to look like a 70's boho girl with my outfit for this day, don't think I got that right.
So I know I haven't blogged in weeks and I apologise. Life is a little well difficult at the moment. Maybe I'll write about it. But I have missed writing posts and hopefully it'll be regular again soon :)

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