Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

Monday, 14 March 2016

Well Boots but the title had to be used. This is a shoe appreciation post. I am without a doubt addicted to buying shoes. They just finish off an outfit in my opinion and I just have fallen in love with this particular pair which I hope to feature in an outfit post soon!
For Christmas just gone I really couldn't decide on anything I wanted, I've reached that annoying age. So whilst browsing New Look's website as I do most days I stumbled across this pair of navy suede pointed boots and said to my mum I need them in my love.
One I'm obsessed with navy blue now thanks to my mother who has had a love for it since I can remember. Seriously if it comes in navy she'll want it. And two I am a sucker for suede at the moment. All these suede biker jackets around lately are so so pretty.

Now these are without a doubt the loudest shoes I've ever owned. People honestly must think I'm wearing massive heels but I think that's the attitude of these. They just look fierce with the pointed toe and like they want to make a statement. I love wearing these with jeans and a t-shirt as it creates more of a I made an effort today look when lets be honest I probably got dressed while I was still half asleep. Its got to the point where if I'm walking through London and they get a bit of a dirt on them I'm frantically trying to wipe them, it's bad!

I just love saying oh I know I'll put on my blue suede shoes, just makes you think of Elvis.



  1. Gorgeous boots! I need to own a pair like this.

  2. I love pointed toe boots at the moment, I have a couple of pairs! Love these!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. These boots are gorgeous! I love the pointed toe and the shade of navy is so pretty *.*
    Totally agree, shoes finish off any outfit - so important!