Syrup by MAC

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Woah woah woah I've bought another MAC lipstick. Can I just say my friend Lizzie is bad, she's the biggest instigator to buy MAC then anyone in the world. We go into a store together and it just spells out trouble and before I know it my purse is out and I'm purchasing something. We both took a trip to Brent Cross shopping centre a few weeks ago and both decided straight away we need to visit MAC. Of course like every store I visit it was bombarded with people, hardly any room to move and you had to queue just to ask someone who worked there a question. This is my fourth lipstick I've bought so I'm not doing too bad, a lot of restraint and walking away. I went in not having a clue what I wanted to get but immediately swatched one on my hand and fell in love.

Syrup literally glided onto my hand and it just looked gorgeous. I'm usually all for a matte lipstick but this one has completely changed the game. Its from the lustre range and its so creamy and pretty. Its not been drying and really stays on. It has just the right amount of shimmer without being too overpowering. It's a gorgeous muted pink colour that is perfect for everyday wear. Makes such a change from the nude shades I tend to stick too. I just feel a tad more glam putting this on when I wake up at 6am to catch a train to volunteering like I have been lately. Also I remember this shade being one of Essie Buttons top picks and well I just have to trust her judgement just saying.

I don't what's up with me lately but I'm just loving everything pink. It's like I'm trying to be a bit more girly or something.
As of right now I'm having a no make up day (happening too much lately) sitting in bed watching the Purge. I've actually had quite a productive couple of days so feeling pretty proud right now!

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