Enter Shikari- Alexandra Palace 27.02.16

Monday, 29 February 2016


My god this was special, like seriously mind blowing. If you know me, then you know that I literally love Enter Shikari, they're undoubtedly my favourite band around right now, perhaps even ever. I was late discovering them compared to a lot of other people but I think I've made up for lost time. Last night I saw them for the eighth time (and counting) and at one of the most beautiful venues Alexandra Palace in London. If you've never been well it is a thing of beauty that can hold a capacity of 10,000 people that's right 10,000!!

For a band that aren't signed to a record label and do things completely independently to play in a venue like that is a bloody amazing achievement. I had been excited for weeks leading up to it as I hadn't seen them live in about a year and a half and couldn't wait to see them play in such a big place.

The set was awesome starting off with Solidarity and of course the song everyone goes crazy over Sorry Not A Winner. On the train down to the venue I said to my friend that I'd always wanted to see them play the song No Sleep Tonight as they never had and that was the first song I listened to by them and fell in love with. Also playing tacks from their newest album mixed with some older classics from Common Dreads it was the perfect eclectic mix they pull off so well.
And what happened, they included that in the set. Mixed in with surround sound speakers which echoed throughout the place, lots of amazing lights and a screen with incredible visuals as a background. It was literally a thing of beauty I felt like I was transported into a dream it was that good.

One highlight for me was the singer Rou (lyrical genius, damn right legend and most attractive man to come out of Hertfordshire... in my opinion) play the piano and do a trumpet solo on a platform in the middle of the crowd. Then go onto do a piano version of Juggernauts. I can only imagine the adrenaline he got singing to that many people surrounding him.

I'll never probably have a bad word to say about them but I do honestly believe they are one of the greatest bands to see live. There music isn't everyone's cup of tea but I can say that even if you aren't a fan of them if you witnessed the show last night you would have been damn right impressed. This was summed up by the fact that everyone around me and myself all had the same expression on our faces, utter amazement.

Shikari you've somehow outdone yourselves again, thank you for the best gig I've ever experienced.

*Idiotic me forgot to bring my camera and my phone couldn't deal with the lighting so I've used some pictures from the rock sound website. Wish I had the skills to take photo's like this!

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