Things I loved In January

Saturday, 6 February 2016

In all seriousness we've already finished a month of 2016!?! Time seems to be going faster and faster as I get older! I thought I would do a favourites post as I've rediscovered some new and old items that I've been loving over January (A month in which again I've been terrible  at posting yet again).

Netflix I have rediscovered, I now use it daily. I probably am one of the worst people when it comes to seeing the latest films or TV series, there's always so many things I want to watch but I just never get round to it. Pretty Little Liars was a series I started watching back in the summer of last year but I got a bit lost. I think it's cause there are so so many episodes in one series that it got a bit like okay am I ever going to make it to season 3. But I cannot recommend enough after starting to rewatch it. The girls are gorgeous, the guys are gorgeous, there's so many twists and now its getting more gritty. Lucy Hale is officially my new girl crush.

I've been really into trying to perfect a skincare routine this month and bought a product everyone has been raving about and for good reason. I never really used a toner but now the Pixi Glow Tonic is part of my daily routine both in the morning and evening. It just seems to make my skin appear brighter and it feels tingly on my face but not in a worrying way. I just feel like its working wonders on my dull dry skin face I'm experiencing lately. But trust me I have  a lot to learn abut skincare and I should have started this much sooner. Teaming it with the Vitamin E sink in moisture mask from the Body Shop its been working wonders.

If I could marry a pair of shoes then my Navy suede boots would be in the running. These beauties I got for Christmas from New Look I immediately fell in love with and I adore. It's got to the point where I get a mark on them I panic and start frantically wiping them. And when you're walking through the streets of London there bound to get a bit of dirt on them. The rich navy teamed with the suede is just a match made in heaven.

I went a little crazy with make up purchases last month, guess I was making up for slacking over the last couple of months. The best item I picked up was the False Lash Sculpt mascara from L'Oreal. I only picked this up because it was on a special offer as it was a new product and honestly its amazing. It doesn't make my lashes look clumpy and gives them so much length. I love wearing it as an everyday mascara as it's not too dramatic but still shows a difference in my lashes.

 For Christmas I got a couple of DVD's and the one I have been loving is The Duff. In a way its a bit of stupid teenage school usual rom com but I do love those types of films. It's silly but I love it for that reason, so unbelievable that it's brilliant. And in a way I relate to the main character, always feeling a bit like the ugly duckling in your friendship group. I saw it at the cinema and it made me laugh so much. This may be the perfect film for fellow single ladies to watch on Valentines day tucked up in bed with a shit load of chocolate (definitely my plan once I finish work).

 And finally I couldn't leave out some music. I was so late to the party getting Automatic by Don Broco but I literally haven't stopped playing it since I got it for Christmas. So much funk but then heavy riffs I mean it's impossible not to enjoy. I'm always amazed how the drummer can sing so high, but I honestly love it. It's an album that definitely puts a smile on my face if I've had a terrible day. I think my favourite songs from the album are Nerve and Money Power Fame which I've loved since it was released as a single. Check out Don Broco if you haven't before, their music is always featured on Made In Chelsea.

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