I Got Sick

Friday, 19 February 2016

Coat- Primark
Top- Don Broco Gig
Jeans- Boohoo
Beanie- Topshop
I know not the nicest of titles for a post but as you can see it's relevant. I wanted to create an outfit around this top I have been wearing constantly since I got it. Back in December I went to see the band Don Broco at the Brixton Academy in London. I usually don't tend to get merch at gigs but I really wanted a shirt of theirs as I've been listening to them for a couple of years now. I loved this shirt in particular due to the doodle like skull prints all over it. I am massive fan of skulls but have been steering away from them lately as I don't want to be known as the girl who only wears things with skulls on. And breathe... and I Got Sick is a great song form their album Automatic which has been on repeat since I got it for Christmas.
With a band t-shirt I have to wear jeans, classic combination. These boohoo jeans I love, they're a really snug fit I won't lie but I think I can get away with it. The turn ups at the ankles add a bit of fun. Chucked on with a big coat and beanie and I'm ready for the cold weather.
So right now I'm tucked up with a hot water bottle under a blanket watching Pretty Little Liars. I had to come home early from volunteering as I've got such sharp stabbing pains in my rib area. I really hope it goes away soon! Also I appear to be pretty moody in these pictures, guess I need to learn what a smile is.

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