Taking Time Out

Thursday, 24 August 2017

The only word I can use to describe life at the moment is hectic!! I've been trying to juggle too many things at once and it;s been overwhelming to say the least. I now finally have a full time job which I'm really enjoying, although the last couple of weeks ain't been that great due to me putting a lot of pressure on myself. But I'm really enjoying it and costume making work is for now taking a back seat. That's not to say I won't do it all, but I've recently had some freelancing work and have not enjoyed the experience.
Last weekend and this weekend I've actually had the chance to relax and chill out. Being a natural worrier in every aspect of life, I find it really hard to actually forget about things and really de stress. I really want to have some time to chill, can October hurry up so I get to go on holiday!!

Lately I actually have made time to watch some series I want to catch up on. Obviously I watched some of the Munsters as they're my favourite TV family ever and I just always smile watching it. I mean it's Halloween themed and I love the old school style of it, especially being filmed in black and white. Going slightly off topic but how cute are the opp figures of Lily and Herman, only need Grandpa and Eddie then I will have the whole set. I also finished the second series of Peaky Blinders and started the third series and I'm hooked. Cillian Murphy is everything in that show! I need to catch up before it returns in the Autumn.

I also wanted to treat myself so I got my hair did. I'm not very good at treating myself when it comes to going to salons and booking treatments and things. But my hair was due a cut and needed some refreshing. I'm still trying to grow it longer so getting it trimmed really does help. I also got the purple dip dye back and i bloody love it.

Plus the fact that my bank account is pretty much empty at the moment means I need to find things to do on the cheap or for free.

Hope this post can relate to someone out there, please tell me I'm not the only one who worries about every little thing. What do you like to do to chill out?

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