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Monday, 28 August 2017

Happy bank holiday weekend! Do we even say that for bank holidays... 
Anyways today I thought as it's a rare Monday that we mostly have off (sorry people in retail jobs trust me I've been there, it's shit as bank holidays are a nightmare) I thought many people would be scrolling the internet, so I thought I would put together a little post about some piece I'm loving from Topshop.
Dare I say it, usually Topshop and I don't get along, purely as I don't feel cool or thin enough to pull off their clothes. But lately I've had a change of heart and recently found some items I would love to add to my wardrobe.

I do love a bit of embroidery and I think it was the yellow that drew me to this skirt. To me it just screams summer and denim skirts are so easy to just thrown on. I'm not so sure on the 'mini' length of it as I have chunky legs but it looks cute and I would love to wear it when I get to go on holiday.

So I've actually already ordered this t-shirt as I just couldn't resist it. Stripes is a trend I'm always cautious about as I'm quite broad so I tend to stay away from them, but they are so easy to wear. And the mixture of cute embroidery over a classic pattern I just couldn't resist. Plus I saw Suzie from hellooctober wearing it, so I was sold! I had to get a size down so at the moment it's not as loose fitting as i'd like it to be, but hey it's something to work towards. I would love to do an outfit post wearing this!

Polka dots just seem to be my thing at the minute. For me, they are such a vintage pattern and always remind me of my mum as shes always loved them so I feel like they're kind of a special pattern for me. This camisole I thought was so adorable and would be easy to chuck on with a pair of jeans or denim shorts. The buttons on the front are also a lovely detail. Even though I wear vest style tops as I hate the top of my arms, I can make an exception for this one.

I'm always drawn to anything mint green and I think this corduroy pinafore dress is adorable. They also do it in black but I like the unique colour of this one. I always associate pinafore dresses with Autumn for some reason, so I may have to think of a way to incorporate this into the colder months. The reviews on this have stated that is quite short which I personally would have issues with, but perhaps if you got it in a bigger size that would be a problem. I would love to wear this with a striped top underneath.

Star Stud Skinny Belt - £24.00

I know this belt is quite expensive but it just looks so pretty. I really do love the western style belts and have wanted one for ages but just haven't got round to finding one I really want. This one is different as it features several stars along it, I automatically want to buy anything that features stars on. Would love to wear this with some 'mom' style jeans.

So there are some of my picks from the Topshop website. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go into the garden and sit in the sun. Us Brits have to take full advantage of nice weather! Hope you've all have a lovely weekend.

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