'Leather' skirt meets casual

Tuesday, 4 March 2014



 A leather (not real leather guess more pleather really) skirt is something I've wanted to pick up for ages! I just haven't got round to it... until now! I picked this one up from H&M the other week whilst in Westfield and I love it! I originally bought it for a night out visiting a friend at uni in Northampton but that didn't end up happening. I thought how could I make it work in a casual way.
So I paired it up with this cobalt blue jumper from Primarni (my way of saying Primark), it's my favourite jumper I own , loves the colour! The blue with the orange on my Topshop bargain necklace works so well! The necklace was on sale and I was inspired by Lily Melrose yet again after seeing her where it on a blog post. Plus it has skulls on it, it's just perfection. The shoes I chose were my studded slightly heeled boots from H&M that  also got in the sale. Don't wear them too often but I love them!
So yeah this is what I came up with!
Just got back from uni and had what we call a dress parade for the show I'm about to start. I was so nervous but it was soo much fun! It was the first time we got to interact with the cast and all of the actors working on our show are lovely which is a plus :) We go into the theatre next week scary times!!
Anyways I'm gonna go and watch some episodes of Gossip Girl (potentially favourite tv show ever along with Ugly Betty)
Thanks for reading
Katie x 

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