My favourite thing about easter

Friday, 18 April 2014

It's officially Easter weekend :) everyone is off work today and I guess it's a time to spend with family. For me personally Easter doesn't have any meaning as I'm not religious. It is however a chance for people to indulge in chocolate.

I started off the day well as I went to the gym this morning, it was too busy :( aha. I came back after a really good workout and my mum decides we should make cakes, oh dear.

These chocolate nest cakes are incredible! so simple to make and so tasty. All you have to do is melt chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a bowl over hot water. Then crumble some shredded wheat in another bowl. Add the melted mixture to the shredded wheat and mix so all the shredded wheat is covered. Then spoon into cake cases and add some Cadbury's mini eggs on the top. And your done!

Mini eggs are my favourite chocolate and I indulge in them a bit too much!

For the quantities of ingredients I'm sure there are many recipes online

What's everyone up to this easter??

Thanks for reading

Katie x


  1. So cute! Plus shredded wheat are so good for you, it essentially cancels out all the chocolate (or that's what I'm telling myself about all that chocolate and strawberry special k I ate the other day...)

    1. haha, love that :) never thought of it that way!!