'Picnic Blanket' Dress

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hello :) Quite a bit has happened since I last posted on here. So I'm back at uni my Easter holidays went too quick although I'm having a bit of time off lately. It was my birthday Tuesday so I'm now officially 20, mental! I don't feel any older although many people have assured me I'm old now. I got a tailors dummy so now I can hopefully create some beautiful costumes and model them on a stand woohoo :)
Anyways it's a beautiful day today so I just threw on this check print smock dress I got from Asos at Christmas. Both my dad and brother have now referred to it as a picnic blanket (they're so charming) so that's kinda my nickname for it now. I was a bit worried about wearing a smock dress as they may make me look bigger which is something I don't want. This one isn't too bad and its comfy.
Shocked at how pale my legs are, I need some sun, so wish I was going on holiday this summer :'(
Hope you've had a lovely weekend
Katie x

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