March Music Loves

Monday, 9 March 2015

I am on a little break from blogging right now. I just have to much going on at university to post regularly at the moment so I can only apologise. Trust me I want to get back to posting as soon as I can. Hopefully within the next few weeks.
So for roughly the last week I have been venturing back and forth to Stratford (as in London) to work backstage on the show I am working on for university. I am a costume maker on the show so have been finishing off my make and generally trying to help out the rest of the team with anything I could do. It's been a wicked experience, don't get me wrong I've been so stressed out but when you see something you've made on stage it is so so worth it. I'm actually seeing the show with my parents tomorrow and I can't wait. Plus my best friend has been the supervisor on the show and she has done such an amazing job, honestly I'm so proud of her :)
Anyway rambling aside with travelling I've been catching the train a lot and for me that's the time for me to zone out and listen to some music. So headphones are always in and I thought I would share with you some of the tunes I have been loving in March so far.
There's a mixture of stuff because I'm not on to stick to one type of thing. At the moment James Bay is my new addiction. I've fallen in love with his stuff. Last Orders by Nothing But Thieves has been on repeat since I discovered them in November, I mean it's the top of my most played songs on ITunes already. I reckon it's up there with one of my favourite songs ever (big words). I don't know what it is I just think it's a beautiful song and I feel so many emotions when I listen to it. Getting too deep now...Some of them I admit are questionable in particular the Ice Cube song but I honestly have listened to it a lot recently, all of the judging.

Comment down below any songs you've been loving, I'm always wanting to find new music to listen to :) Hope you're all well!

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