21st Birthday

Thursday, 9 April 2015



So I've reached the big 21. Yesterday was my birthday and I reached the age where your supposed to become an adult right?? Time has gone so quickly lately that it didn't even feel like it was my birthday. I'm excited that now I feel like my life is just about to start and get real. But then I miss that freedom of being a child/teenager and I guess not having as many responsibilities. No more teenage years ahead of me, now the days of being old are upon me. Seriously that is what majority of people said to me yesterday.

21 is seen as a special birthday and I was truly spoilt and am so grateful for everything. I may do a post on the presents I received in the next week or so. I didn't do anything too crazy as majority of my family were working or had plans. I spent the day at home and then went out for a meal with some of my friends in the evening. They surprised me with a birthday cake, queue my face going a deep shade of red.

I realise as well I didn't get any photo's of me, the day went by so quickly and I was so involved with catching up with people. So I may have stolen a photo from my best friend's Instagram haha.

Well here's to adulthood starting and becoming a 'woman'.

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