New Empty Casket Pieces

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I've mentioned Empty Casket before as a company I love. If you don't know them they sell witchy themed jewellery and home ware. I wonder why I like it hmmm..
For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive a couple of items and like I expected I absolutely love them. The one I was most excited about was receiving a moonstone ring. I love the look of moonstones I just think they're so beautiful. I'm definitely more of a dainty jewellery person so I got a smaller stoned ring. I absolutely love the iridescent look of moonstones and I'm naturally always drawn to them. I've heard moonstones are supposed to bring out psychic traits which I think is pretty cool. It just looks so pretty. I also received a beautiful amethyst necklace which is of course my favourite colour. The length of the necklace is perfect for me as it's not to high up on my necklace. I'm getting more into my jewellery at the moment, everything is just so pretty.

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