Some New Arm Candy

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Bags are something I'm quite fussy about. My collection like most things in my life is always growing. I've been on the hunt for a new bag to use for uni and general errands. Now I never pack lightly, if I could I would take everything I own and the kitchen sink out with me. So for an over packer like me size definitely matters. I also felt like it was time for me to pick up a black bag. I've had a nude coloured bag from New Look for nearly two years now and while it's done me proudly I think it's time to depart when the lining of it has mostly changed colour from the crap it's had to carry. So gross.

Whilst shopping back at home with my mum we ventured into Accessorize as their window display featured some stunning pieces. There were so many bags in their that were screaming at me it was so hard to decide. But I fell in love with this one. I loved the structured nature of it and felt like the gold hardware really gave it an edgy twist. I particular loved the gold plate along the top, I love a bit of shine. The thing that sold it to me was the fact it had a zip. So many bags are so pretty but don't have a zip fastening. If I'm walking around London catching trains and what not I want my bag to be secure. Plus it has a long strap so I don't have to always do that awkward arm situation where you rest your bag on it so you look like a cast member from TOWIE. Having £15 off it weren't half bad either. It's nice to finally have a new bit of arm candy.

We're currently having a mini heat wave in the UK and I have no clothes suitable for this weather. Says the girl with an overflowing wardrobe...


  1. This bag is such a beauty. I always forget about Accessorize but I'm always left impressed when I do remember to visit one :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. This will be a great addition to my bag collection too. It has a nice simplicity to it. But really chic!

    Jessica |