My first Space NK Purchases

Sunday, 22 February 2015


I can only apologise for my somewhat absence on here lately, when I am working on a show at uni things get a little intense. Plus I have deadlines looming so I have to try and get my work done somehow. Anyway so as you can see from the title I actually picked up something from Space NK. Plenty of bloggers and Youtubers mention Space NK all the time so I wanted to go in and see it for myself.. I visited the shop in St Pauls as I'd been in their previously and thought it had such a nice welcoming atmosphere. Also St Pauls in general I find pleasant to walk around. It's not too big or overwhelming which is what I get worried about. I get major anxiety when walking into shops that I don't really know about. But the staff in there are lovely (and really pretty just saying). They were so helpful as I had one product in mind that I wanted to splurge on.
I shouldn't be spending money really ya know student loan being shit and all. But I was running out of foundation and decided that it's about time that I should try out a higher end one. I decided to go for a Nars one. I wanted the Sheer Glow Foundation because it's famous in the make up world and always makes people's skin look so beautiful. However they had ran out of my shade. So instead  I picked up the new foundation called All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I had to get help being colour matched as I had no idea what shade I am. So I'll see how I get on with that. I also picked up a compact tangle teezer as it will be easier to carry in my bag and I just think will be so handy to have.
I now can see me going back quite regularly as it felt good indulging a bit. Might have a trip their nearer to my birthday. Hope your having a great weekend.

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