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Monday, 16 February 2015

 Apologies I haven't updated in the last week, I guess I'm having one of those moments in life where things are starting to become a bit much. I feel like lately I haven't received any form of good news/luck and it's really starting to take it's toll. I had some random photo's on my camera and thought I'd write a post about them.
My mum and I recently went to see Strictly Come Dancing Live and it was amazing. This was my third time see Strictly and it was amazing. I know your thinking you like Strictly Come Dancing?? You'll never figure out my interests I am so random aha. I absolutely adore everything about the show and it kind of makes me want to start ballroom dancing classes. The dresses are just beautiful and I've been hooked to the costumes ever since the first series started. Caroline Flack was my favourite from last years series, she is my body inspiration. If I looked like here I would be so happy with life :P

Aww not long till I become an Auntie :) It was the baby shower this weekend just gone. Unfortunately I missed majority of it as I wanted to see my Granddad (he's in  hospital) and I felt like I needed to be with him for a bit as I don't get to see him as often as I'd like to living away at uni and all that. But I loved watching how excited my mum was setting up and all of the decorations. Let's hope the baby is actually a boy... Lot's of food, presents, games and general excitement. Eaten so much cake that I'm all sugared out. I can't wait to see him now and for a new chapter in my families' life to begin.
 Coming in from uni lately all I've wanted to do is be tucked up in bed and watch the tele. I'm always late at joining the bandwagon with everything and this example is perfect. I've never really got the hype over Netflix, I did my free trial a few months back but wasn't blown away by it. But I now have discovered the joys of Netflix and have been glued to my computer screen. My television has been taking it easy the last couple of weeks. So American Horror Story yeah I've joined in with that hype too. I finished watching the first series over my Christmas break but have now finished the second series Asylum. I've wanted to watch this show for a really long time but I was so scared. I'm not into horror and gore but I have fallen in love with this programme. Don't get me wrong it is completely fucked up but that's what is so good about it. The twists and darkness added to the plot just makes it more captivating and I feel like I've gotten so involved with it. I think overall I actually enjoyed the second series more then the first. It's kind of left me a bit drained as it is extremely dark and I feel like it plays with the mind a little bit. However I did fall a bit in love with Tate from the first series (which is wrong as you should hate him but I don't know what it is there's just something about him). And from my usual point of view the costume and special effects make up in this is just perfection. Now onto Season 3 Coven, all about witches... yeah pretty excited to watch it.

If anyone wants to take me on holiday then that would be greatly appreciated. I just need a break. May be a glass of wine, or two or three might calm me down. Second thoughts maybe that isn't such a good idea...


  1. You will love the 3rd season!! ;) x

  2. Looks like you have been having fun. Great TV show choice!

    Jenn from jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk