New Look Wishlist

Thursday, 26 February 2015

I'm at that stage in the term where my student loan is slowly fading away and I of course up the amount of time looking online at clothes that I simply cannot afford to get. I am literally loving New Look currently. I can't say how many times I've been on the website lately. It's got to stop. To be fair it has always been a brand I love.
I am a monochrome girl through and through and my wardrobe does mainly consist of black. I am a bit of a 'goth' at heart, it's my witchy side coming out I guess. And stripes are definitely the pattern I'm digging. I particularly love the shopper bag, the stripes add a uniqueness and I need a bag like this simply to carry all my shit to and from university. The t-shirt is simple and will be welcomed into my wardrobe.
I'm experimenting with my style a lot more recently. I love incorporating tailored pieces so I think these trousers would be a new fave of mine. Grey seems to be a popular colour (sorry shade) right now, I think it's very classic and makes a change from black.
My favourite item is the lace crop top, I'm not the most girliest of girls but I do like add elements of delicateness to my wardrobe especially in spring/summer. I think this crop top would be so cute to wear under sheer tops. I couldn't wear it on its own as I don't have the body to pull it off but with the lace I think its adorable.
Hints of a summer wardrobe are also starting to make an appearance, hence the maxi dress. I really love the floral pattern. It fits in with my personality and style perfectly, girly with a bit of toughness. I need more colour in my life and the lilac blouse is so cute. For a smart occasion with jeans it would be a simple yet elegant outfit, perfect for spring time. Plus I love lilac as a colour.
And of course I had to add a pair of shoes, the gold adds a bit of interest and would make a change from the sea of black shoes I own (I have a problem okay...)
If you want to check out any of the items then links are below the picture. Which is your favourite??


  1. It's surprisingly hard to find a good white shirt isn't it? It looks like you've succeeded though, congrats on venturing away from black!

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