TNA Wrestling London

Sunday, 1 February 2015


I know this isn't probably going to be of interest to most people visiting this ol' blog. Fun fact about me I'm a huge professional wrestling fan. Now when I say this to people I usually get two reactions, the first being a look of what the hell and the second people ask why??. I can't explain why I love it but I just do. From watching it on TV and seeing small promotion shows around the UK when I was younger I've been hooked. There's certain interests that people will just never understand unless they are into it to. It's like if someone I don't know collects stamps then I would be like what the hell why would you do that, but it's an interest and it's different. My friend Amy is a massive fan as well so she came down to London to visit me and was kind enough to take me to see TNA at Wembley Arena. TNA is an American company and features any wrestlers. I can't quite believe how close we were to the front, I mean I was so near to the entrance ramp and ring. It was an experience I'll never forget. My personal favourites are a tag team called The Wolves *in the red tights in the pictures above*. They are so so good!
So what can you expect seeing professional wrestling live?? Well the atmosphere is insane. A room full of people who love this sport you can expect noise and chanting mixed with a bit of alcohol consumption. I think my personal favourite chant from last night was briefcase wanker (classic Inbetweeners reference). Groups of men shouting insults at the wrestlers (it's all fun and games, some of the stuff they say is just amazing). Kids who are so excited they cant stay in there seat. And of course wrestling nerds who know literally every single detail. I unfortunately had one of these sat right in front of me who had googled the spoilers for the show. He proceeded to share these so I knew roughly what was going to happen :( cheers mate! All I can say is if your there you will get sucked into the atmosphere somehow, I guarantee you will cheer or clap at some point during the night as its impossible not to.
I am the only one out of my friendship group that likes wrestling and that's the way I think it'll always be. It's part of my interests and well I guess part of me. Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! DID YOU SEE JEFF HARDY?! MATT HARDY?! Those two are my faves, I loved them since WWF which is now WWE do you watch WWE? I am so shocked that someone actually watches wrestling I feel like I am the only one as well! Oh my this most been so exciting :) Would love to see TNA/WWE always been a dream of mine :) - Kenecha,

    1. You do not know how happy this comment has made me!! omg the hardyz are like my favourites. I got to see Matt but unfortunately Jeff wasn't on the tour (he's my fave haha). Yes I love WWE! I'm so glad I' not on my own as well. I've yet to see WWE but hopefully one day :) thanks for your comment x