Bright lips say what?!?

Friday, 8 August 2014

Trust me to pick a magazine page with the word sweaty in the middle of it aha :/

Orange Punch

Peach on the Beach
What's this, Katie trying bright shades on her lips?? I'm still not use to it but I am venturing into new looks. I love the Bourjois colour boosts. They are really moisturising on the lips which is something I really appreciate!! They also have pretty decent staying power. I've never actually found anything that has such a prominent colour. I think it's me not having the skills of applying lip sticks/ crayon/glosses properly :P

 I've had the shade Peach on the beach for a while and it's a lovely coral colour. It's literally what the name describes, a beautiful pink coral colour. And I now really want to wear it to the beach.

Orange Punch is quite a new purchase and it is so gorgeous! I've always wanted to try orange lips but been too afraid. This orange is perfect for a beginner as it's not to in your face but still makes an impact. Obviously the more layers you put on the more intense the orange is. It has a glossy finish to so looks really nice. I think it's such a refreshing shade for summer.

I have really enjoyed trying new shades out in lip colours particularly for summer. As I've been wearing so much black and white lately I think the pop of colour really adds something.

What shades of the Bourjois colour boosts would you recommend?

Also I need tips on how to make lip colour more long lasting cause clearly I'm doing something wrong haha


  1. love the peach shade, love how it looks almost sheer! xx

  2. You're right, bright new colours for Summer is always fun, and these are really nice! They give your lips this really nice little tint