Dark eyeshadow

Sunday, 17 August 2014




Bit of a random post... I've been looking in my make up collection recently and feel like I need to mix up things a bit. I am loving dark eye shadow looks at the moment. It could be my inner Goth side coming out haha! I wear neutral eye shadows all the time but I've been seeing many images of like dark brown/ black smoky eyes and I really want to try it. Personally I really like my eyes, they're probably one of the only things I like about me (not meaning to sound pessimistic I have low self confidence). So I love putting make up on to emphasise them. Don't think I can pull it off everyday but for a night out I think it's be perfect. The images above I found online and just really liked the make up
I've been catching up on WWE and I just love Paige's whole look (pictured above). She always wears dark make up so I'm feeling kind of inspired. I just want to look like her in all honesty ha! So I'm currently debating whether to stay up and watch Summerslam tonight (don't think it starts till midnight UK time). I'm heading out for drinks with my friends tonight so I'll come in from a few drinks and maybe start watching it. I did it for Wrestlemania back in April I stayed up till 4 am and it was worth it! But let's face it I like my sleep way too much!! (old lady alert)

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend


  1. i'm loving dark shadow more too! i'm using a lot more eyeliner than i used to

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  2. I like dark eyeshdows but don't know how to apply it and so I don't wear it. Lovely pictures and keep up the great post.


  3. Hey, Katie! I think that all these dark looks for eyes are just amazing! love them :)
    Would you like to follow each other on gfc? Let me know!


  4. Love the dark eye shadow looks! Xx


  5. I love the dark eyeshadow look ! So sexy and edgy.

    ~ Lu


  6. Great makeup !