Covered in Elephants

Monday, 4 August 2014

jumpsuit- New Look (in the sale)
Fedora hat- H&M
Sandals- New Look
Elephant prints appear to be my thing at the moment, I constantly wear the skirt I got from Asos that features them and now I have this amazing jumpsuit. Every time I've gone into New Look recently I've seen it but never bothered to try it on. Once I saw it was on sale in my local store I knew I had to get it. It comes with a black studded belt too but I wanted to be extra comfy. Thank god for the elasticated waist. oh and added bonus it has pockets, WIN!  Today I went for a little venture into London to a couple of museums to do research for my third year project so I needed something that was comfortable to wear. It felt like the perfect mix of comfort but still looking 'trendy' (fyi I don't believe I am trendy at all). Being obsessed with blogging and watching Youtubers I have seen many of my favourite people wearing Fedora hats. I finally took the plunge and bought one a few weeks ago from H&M and I'm not going to lie I love it. I didn't realise how much people looked if you wore a hat, I definitely caught a few people staring on the train I got. Is it really that unusual for someone to wear a hat?? My sandals are a dream! Well saying that my feet are kinda paying the price now  ( hence why I'm not wearing them in the photos) but I'm still breaking them in. Plus my feet are so weak its getting quite worrying now :/. My mum actually spotted them and I just instantly had to have them. I love a chunky pair of sandals and with the cream colour I think they tick all the right boxes for summer.
I need to get some better background for outfit photos I know but right now I have to work with what I can :)
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  1. omg the elephant print, absolutely love it! xx

  2. The print is so cute! So good that it has pockets, that is literally the best thing!

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  3. Gorgeous Katie, your jumpsuit is just perf x

  4. you look very cute! love it


  5. Oh elephant prints!! I also love duck prints, but it's so hard to find them :/


  6. wow I'm loving this outfit! elephants are so cute :)