Festival Wishlist

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

So as everyone knows festival season is well under way. Around now is the time I'm usually getting excited about heading to Reading festival. But unfortunately due to lack of funds I'm not going and honestly feel like I am going to go into a state of depression. Next year I'll be there again!! Anyways I love love love festival fashion!! I wish I could pull off half the trends I see. Above are pieces that I would love to buy if I was going to a festival this year. They are all from the wonderful Asos which is my favourite online store.
I picked the embroided black skater dress as it's quite simple, looks extremely comfortable and has hints of colour in it. I personally really enjoy wearing a dress as there really easy to chuck on and look nice without actually putting any effort in.
The black cut out boots are simple to wear and the heel is pretty small so should fingers crossed be comfy. Plus they will go with all outfits.
The denim shorts are a classic! They are high waisted and a mom style so slightly loose fitting. There a decent length. I literally hate the whole trend of girls wearing shorts that show off their bums! I had a competition with my mates last year at Reading counting how many girls bums you could see, got well into the double figures haha.
The Good Vibes T-shirt I adore (and apparently everyone else does as it's nearly sold out). I love items of clothing that express positivity. I'm naturally a pessimistic person but at a festival I always feel so happy and care free. I feel like it's an appropriate shirt for me and just reminds everyone to have a great time whilst seeing live music! Plus the cute pom pom detailing around the bottom gives a fun twist.
A Fedora with an elephant band on it nough said.
The brown suede bag is a must have for me. Fringing has been one of my favourite trends throughout my teenage years. This could be due to my love for the 1920's and I remember seeing Vanessa Hudgens have a brown bag with fringing on and just feel in love with her boho style (proud high school musical obsessive here). Practicality wise it may not be the best but it would look amazing!
The kimono is simply beautiful!! Again little bit of fringing (you can't have to much right). I love the bold shades used and chose this one as it looks light/airy. A kimono is great to just throw on and feel in the festival spirit.
I obviously would choose some hair accessories and jewellery as well but didn't want to over do. Maybe I can do a separate one for small acccesories and things if anyone would like to see it.
Are any of you heading to a festival this year??


  1. I love these outfits, especially the 'good vibes' shirt! My blog is a little similar to yours and it would mean a lot if you checked it out and maybe left a comment telling me what you think?


  2. I love the ankle booties and the black shirt. Unfortunately I am not going to any festivals in the near future, your post made me wish I did :) Don't worry you still have the next year to go to your festival, and the year after that.... :D
    Love Life Every Day
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  3. want the bag!!! wish i was going to a festival this year too xx